Are you at that stage of your business where you have accumulated a substantial amount of asset?

Not only in your business but residential home, investment property, superannuation...

Are you concerned that with so many employees that one may get injured on a machine, a customer may sue for damages, or a mild cashflow crisis pushes a creditor into legal action against you. New legislation now is making directors liable for not only unpaid BAS statements (especially PAYGW) but also super guarantee after non-payment for three months.

As your accountant, we can review your situation so that the best asset protection strategy is in place to help alleviate your concerns.

It could be that you are a start-up or about to take your business to the next level. Why not get the right structure for your business at the start or have a plan so the costs of moving from one business structure to another are minimal. It can save a lot of hassle at the end.

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