We often had clients calling us on their business and life insurances, as their ‘Trusted Advisor’

We have remained independent from offering superannuation, insurance and mortgage broking advice over the years as we were not comfortable with receiving commissions on referrals we gave to financial planners.

However, in that environment we were often left in the cold on these negotiations and therefore did not have the full picture of our clients insurances and private borrowings. We often had clients calling us on their business and life insurances, as their ‘Trusted Advisor’, only for us to tell them to call their planner or broker as we were not a party to nor aware of what transpired in these dealings.

BWD Accountants So after much soul searching and locating the appropriate partner we have formed an allegiance with Australian Unity. We chose them because they are a mutual organisation – not owned by a bank or life company – which gives them more freedom to provide not only our practice but our clients the services we need, rather than just the services a bank or life insurance company offer.

We sit in on the meeting with you if appropriate and with you, Australian Unity & BWD Accountants we together consult on the best strategy and option for you. The advantage being that BWD Accountants knowing your business and tax thoroughly also can comment on these other business and private negotiations with your best interest at heart.

We do receive 20% commission from Australian Unity (from the fee you pay them) but we see this as payment for our involvement and input to your overall financial security and understanding. This sits much better with us than just getting a blanket commission for a referral to a bank or life company with NO input of our knowledge about YOU. For the record, our core values never allowed nor participated in these hidden trail commissions.

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