These entities are becoming very popular with those individuals that want a more hands on approach in the management of their superannuation.

They certainly are not a sit and forget entity as you as members and Trustees make the investment decisions organise the paperwork to give to us at the end of the financial year when we prepare the financial statements and organise an external audit.

We would normally not recommend this type of retirement vehicle unless you and other members have a combined minimum $250,000 to invest. Any less does make an SMSF administration, tax & audit costs quite expensive. If you are considering this type of entity with less investment we highly recommend you talk to us.

Self Managed Super Funds can also purchase from the business owner their business entity form which it operates. There are the usual sale and purchase costs between the entities but can be a good strategy for asset protection and tax minimisation.

These entities are also allowed to borrow in order to buy commercial premises or residential investment properties (not from a member of the Fund).

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