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Business improvement can reinvigorate your workplace, generate sales increase efficiency and employee morale.

Does your small business feel more like a job? A business should work for its’ owners. It should provide a more than reasonable return. If it’s not then you maybe better off working for someone else and letting them have the stress.


Is there room for business improvement?

Questions and answers you should know in your business are:


  • Your profit target before owners’ salaries
  • The business Gross Profit %
  • Your monthly and annual sales targets (per employee if need be)
  • The business contribution to the owners’ retirement
  • The approximate value of your business


Also, your business should have sufficient cash reserves of at least 2 months working capital (cash) to be able to pay BAS and other large cash outlays without the constant stress of cashflow.


BWD Accountants specialise in this type of business analysis. We don’t provide volumes of pages just a one-page target that sets you on track to making your business work for you and NOT you working for the business.

Find out how you can improve you business...

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