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Business Taxation Advice


Do you need Business Taxation Advice?

Need some business taxation advice? After all there’s “Nothing surer but Death & Taxes”. If you earn income, tax is inevitable. That said, you want to minimise your taxes to the achieve the best possible outcome to enhance business value. However, it’s impossible to make decent money paying the legally correct tax.

BWD Accountants wants your business to do what you do best. Sell your products or services and generate profit. Tax is a consequence of making money. Ideally we want to minimise that Tax, and in the same vain we want you to have a profitable business so you can:


  • Approach banks for borrowings
  • Increase the value of your business for eventual sale.


Every business should be created with a view to selling your business. Even if that is 20 years away. You should be thinking of your business not only sustaining your current lifestyle, but also as a Retirement Income Stream. Good business taxation advice now, could have a dramatic effect on the sale value of your business and your retirement income.

Tax is a certainty. Only pay what you need to pay.

Tax is an unfavourable consequence of a successful, profitable, cash full, retirement strategy but BWD Accountants can help you minimise your tax in the most effective way.

Do you need taxation advice?

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