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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning


Financial Planning services are seamless combined with BWD suite of client focused services.  We analyse your entire financial situation and taxation, and if we identify the need, BWD may recommend the the expertise of a Financial Planner.


BWD interested in the financial wellbeing of our clients. As registered tax advisers and advise on SMSF’s, investment trust and taxation strategies.


BWD works in close consultation Financial Planners to insure you have the right financial mix and tax minimisation strategies in place. Our financial planning partner works with us to advise on specific risks, investments and investment trusts.


This approach means that BWD maintains its’ independence as Accountants. We provide sound financial analysis and taxation advice to the financial planner. They can work directly with our clients to understand their goals and wishes.


Most importantly, that means the client financial plan, strategies and advice encapsulates recommendations in relation to:


  • Taxes
  • Investments
  • Buying a Property in SMSF
  • Borrowing in an SMSF
  • Retirement
  • Goals & targets

BWD is here to help you build wealth

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