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Retirement Income

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Retirement Income


How much retirement income do I need?


What retirement income do I need?… is one of the biggest questions we get asked. Why? Because most people really don’t know what they will need.

Getting to retirement age and having enough retirement income to support you for the years to come is important. Ultimately, “how much” is dependent on the retirement life style you choose and how long you live.


The income gap

Retirement income gap

BWD can help you calculate what you need to put away now and in the future, based on your current superannuation balance and your required retirement savings and estimated annual pension withdrawal.


We could also provide you with different strategies or investment mixes to help you achieve the superannuation target at retirement.


That knowledge gives you peace of mind knowing that your retirement goals are covered.


We can even help with independent financial planning advice.

BWD can help you build wealth for retirement

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