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Share Investment

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Share Investment


Interested to know the ins & outs of share investment? Well we have many clients that have shares and we can explain how this effects your tax and cashflow. Share investing can magnify your profits BUT also magnify your losses.

Investing in shares is not without its risks. Picking the right stock to match your objectives and risk profile can be harder than it sounds. You should invest time in research and analysis, watch the economy and the market.

Once you have committed to shares you need to remain share market vigilant.  You have probably heard the saying… “Buy low! Sell high!”. Timing is everything. Some stock may be long term and pay a dividend with conservative growth. Other stock may purchased and sold to extract value from short term stock market growth.


It’s always a good idea to get some financial advice from an independent financial adviser.


We can assist you with the banks or put you in touch with a broker that we work with to help you have the best possible chance of obtaining that loan for share investment.


Borrowing through a SMSF for share investment

Have you thought of using your SMSF to purchase shares by either using the existing cash available or even borrow as you would as an individual to purchase shares. We can explain the complex process required to borrow through an SMSF including:


  • Bare Trust and Trustee
  • SMSF
  • Which bank to approach to borrow
  • We can recommend your financial advisor

Interested in share investment?

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