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Need help preparing a BAS?


Preparing your BAS (Business Activity Statement) each month or financial quarter can be a hassle and really stressful. BWD can take the stress out of doing the paperwork.


We can do it for you. We will review your bookkeeping and complete everything required including GST, PAYGW and review the PAYGI (tax instalment – ATO calculates based on a previous years tax) that most businesses accept.


BAS Lodgement dates

Quarter 1

July, August and September

28 October

Due 28 October in...

Quarter 2

October, November and December

28 February

Due 28 February in...

Quarter 3

January, February and March

28 April

Due 28 April in...

Quarter 4

April, May and June

28 July

Due 28 July in...

If you lodge your quarterly activity statements online you may be eligible for a two week deferral. Find out more at the ATO deferrals.


Engage BWD to complete and lodge your Business Activity Statement to ensure it is correct. After all, you don’t want any nasty surprises or penalties when the actual tax is calculated.


Contact BWD Accountants for assistance with ATO matters.

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Need help with your BAS? No stress...

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