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What Tax Deductions can you claim?


When it comes to tax deductions it’s worth consulting CPA like BWD Accountants. Taxation laws are a minefield and regulation changes regularly. Sometimes tax deductions are revoked or new rules are introduced. It can be complicated and hard to follow the ATO tax rules.

Paying tax is a certainty. Getting the right advice from a CPA can save you time, help you claim more on your next tax return and identify legally available tax minimisation strategies.

We can help untangle the rules and help you legitimately claim deductions appropriate to your circumstances.


Are you making the right Tax Deductions?


Download a fact sheet to understand how the ATO assesses deductions for your profession or occupation.


Deductions for Tradies
Deductions for Construction Workers
Deductions for Sales and Marketing Professionals
Deductions for Real Estate Professionals
Deductions for Hospitality Workers
Deductions for Office Workers
Deductions for IT Professionals
Deductions for Doctors, Specialists or other Medical Professionals 


These factsheets provide you with general information. If you would like to discuss your deductions contact BWD. More information is also available at

BWD Accountants can advise on tax minimisation in relation to the following:


  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Individuals
  • Capital Gains tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax

Get taxation advice if you are considering what is the best structure for you regarding tax, you’re selling a business, selling an investment property or have any other tax concerns call BWD Accountants.

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